Lightning Cans Ambeo Headset.

Simply put, the Ambeo headset is “smart earphones”. They wrap around your ears and stick into your ear canal like regular earphones but they contain loads more technology.

The Ambeo headset not only contains speakers to play music into your ears but also contains microphones to listen to the world around you. Why you may ask? First, all active noise cancellation requires microphones to detect external noise to counter-balance, i.e. cancel out. The Ambeo has microphones built into each earpiece that listen to the world around them.

Sennheiser calls this technology “Situational Awareness”, meaning you can manually adjust how much of the outside environment you want bleeding into your music or the video you are shooting.

Other things that come with the Ambeo Smart headset are high quality digital audio, from Apple MFi certified lightning connection. Utilizing this digital connection Sennheiser also released a dedicated App to fine tune your Ambeo to your personal preferences.

A Perfect Mobile  Lightning Cans Video Recording Smart Headset at

Sennheiser is the leader in high end acoustics and the technology packed into the Ambeo headset make it a perfect companion for mobile videographers.

Simply plug your headset into your smartphone and start recording your video. The Ambeo headset will record fully immersive “3D” stereo sound. You can also adjust how much background noise you want included in your video.

For example if you are recording a loud live event you can essentially “tune down” the crowd with a few clicks of a rocker button. In a quiet remote wilderness and looking to capture the subtle song of crickets? Turn the built-in microphones all the way up to record you’re surrounding in full digital detail

Previously this type of audio recording required big boxes full of equipment that required a dedicated person to manage. Now a single person with an iPhone can go out and record both beautiful visuals with their phone but also record stunningly detailed audio to accompany it.

The fact that these earphones can be rolled up and fit into a pocket make them a dream accessory for people recording video on the go, people working in difficult terrain, or people looking to work inconspicuously without big bulky microphone booms